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What are your service areas?

We are located in the heart of North Carolina and service all of our state as well as parts of Virgina and South Carolina.

Are you certified?

We are fully certified to work with all types of assessibility remodeling and installation.

What if I am not sure what I need?

No worries! Our professional assessment team will meet with you at your home or office to perform an assessment and offer recommendations.

What brands of equipment do you sell?

Click Here to check out our Partners page for a full listing of all of the equipment we offer.

Where We Work

Based in central North Carolina, we cover all of North Carolina, along with parts of South Carolina and Virginia. We work with individual homeowner’s on accessiblity remodeling and with retirement communities and businesses to assist them in becoming fully ADA complient. 

We also work with state programs and Worker’s Comp. injuries   It all starts with an assessment after which we will send an initial proposal. We have an occupational therapist, (OT) on staff and available for consultation. We can provide architectural drawings when needed. We are a CAPS certified, Master C.E.A.C., Female owned business.


Certified Aging in Place Specialist

C.E.A.C. Certification

Certified Environmental Access Consultant Mastery Program

Women Owned Business

Proudly female owned business

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Staying Home Safely

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