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About Interior Safety

How we can make the interior of your home more accessible

Let’s face it – we spend a lot of our time inside our home. It truly is our castle. A big goal of accessibility is to make sure that you can ENJOY every part of your home. 

Cooking a meal or enjoying a bath or shower should be easy for you. 

There shouldn’t be entire floors of your home that you cannot get to because of mobility issues.   All doorways should be wide enough to accomidate a wheelchair or ease the path of a walker. 

We offer so many solutions and will highlight a few of the most common below.


Stairlifts are an afforable way to make access to different floors of your home possible. They come in many different types and styles to fit your budget. 


Elevators are another way to provide easy access to all levels of your home. We offer several types – many of which require very little modification to your floors and ceilings. 

Roll in Showers and Walk in Tubs

Roll in showers provide an easy way for people in wheelchairs to be able to bathe safely.  Walk in tubs provide access for a warm bath.

Roll under vanities and cabinets

Roll under bathroom vanities and kitchen cabinets allow people in wheelchairs to be able to cook their favorite meal and access their toiletries. 


Here are a few more things we offer to keep you safe

Ceiling Lifts

Flex Steps

Grab Bars

Tub Cuts

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Staying Home Safely

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